Island Falls Postal History
Aroostook County, Maine

last update for this page: 29 March 2021

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Thank you for the contributions to this page from James Husson and from the Strout family collection.

During the history of the town of Island Falls, there has been only one post office.

Briefly, the history of this one is as follows:
1. Island Falls post office was established on 25 March 1863 and is still operating.

In 1914, there was one post office in Island Falls: Island Falls. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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Postmarks from Island Falls include:
Island Falls

Island Falls

1863 March 25:
   Island Falls post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide)

1905 November 21:
   The circular postmark is 28–29 mm in diameter.
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1949 December 12:
   The circular postmark is 30–31 mm in diameter.
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   Eleric F. Michaud appointed Postmaster.

1970 Juy 31:
   Waldo P. Gellerson Jr. appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1971 April 3:
   Waldo P. Gellerson Jr. appointed Postmaster.

1976 December 1:
   Theodore E. Hunt appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1977 April 9:
   Theodore E. Hunt appointed Postmaster.

1983 December 27:
   Earlon D. Murphy appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1984 March 31:
   Frederick A. Anderson appointed Postmaster.

2009 October 30:
   Linda L. Sewell appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2012 June 30:
   Patrick M. House appointed Postmaster.

2012 October 25:
   Linda L. Sewell appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2013 February 9:
   Linda L. Sewell appointed Postmaster.

   Island Falls post office. 1009 Crystal Road; Island Falls, Maine  04747. Lat./Long.: N 46°00′32″ x W 68°16′10″
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   Island Falls post office is still in operation.