Mapleton Postal History
Aroostook County, Maine

last update for this page: 30 March 2021

Maine Postal History ------ Waterville Stamp Club

During the history of the town of Mapleton, there has been only one post office.

Briefly, the history of this one is as follows:
1. Mapleton post office was established on 25 October 1877 and is still operating.

In 1914, there was one post office in Mapleton: Mapleton. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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The only postmark from Mapleton is Mapleton:


1877 October 25:
   Mapleton post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide)

1907 February 6:
   The circular postmark is 31–32 mm in diameter.
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1935 July 11:
   Delta F. Smith appointed Acting Postmaster.

1936 March 17:
   Delta F. Smith appointed Postmaster.

1944 February 15:
   Leland Watt appointed Acting Postmaster.

1944 July 15:
   Hattie M. Higgins appointed Acting Postmaster.

1945 March 17:
   Hattie M. Higgins appointed Postmaster.

1950 December 5:
   The circular postmark is 29–30 mm in diameter.
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1953 September 30:
   William C. Lint appointed Acting Postmaster.

1954 August 2:
   William C. Lint appointed Postmaster.

1976 August 13:
   Margaret M. Brown appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1976 December 13:
   Darrell G. Martin appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1977 January 29:
   Margaret M. Brown appointed Postmaster.

1984 May 24:
   John D. Miller appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1984 August 18:
   Nancy T. Ash appointed Postmaster.

2009 January 30:
   Sharon J. Crane appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2009 December 22:
   Kimberly R. Hurless-Seger appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2010 June 25:
   Robert P. Plante appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2012 August 2:
   Stuart Turner appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2012 October 23:
   Joseph Conant appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2013 September 7:
   Mapleton post office was converted to a Level 6 (6-hour) Remotely Managed Post Office under the direction of the Postmaster of the Presque Isle post office.

   Mapleton post office is still in operation.