Oakland Postal History
Kennebec County, Maine

last update for this page: 10 December 2019

Maine Postal History ------ Waterville Stamp Club

Thank you for the contributions to this page from the Strout family collection.

Postmarks from the town of Oakland include:


1883 March 19:
   Oakland post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide)

1887 September 6: [year obtained from reverse]
   The circular postmark is 26–27 mm in diameter.

1894 June 13 through 1896 July 25:
   The circular postmark is 28–29 mm in diameter.

1929 October 8:
   The circular postmark is approximately 20 mm in diameter.

1940 January 19 through 1940 February 22:
   The circular postmark is 26–27 mm in diameter.

1941 January 7 through 1950 October 24:
   The circular postmark is approximately 30 mm in diameter.

1946 December 19:
   The circular postmark is 20–21 mm in diameter.

1987 August 13:
   The circular postmark is 21–22 mm in diameter.

   Oakland post office is still in operation.