Penobscot County, Maine

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Maine Postal History ------ Waterville Stamp Club

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Postmarks from the town of Kenduskeag include:
Levant (1)


1852 April 17:
   Kenduskeag post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide.)

1862 July 17:
   The circular postmark is 32–33 mm in diameter. (letter)

1887 March 28: (year determined from contents)
   The circular postmark is 32–33 mm in diameter.

1895 July 4:
   The circular postmark is 27–28 mm in diameter.

1910 December 26 through 1911 March 20:
   The circular postmark is approximately 29 mm in diameter.

1936 December 1-:
   The circular postmark is 32–33 mm in diameter.

1941 April 30 through 1943 February 11:
   The circular postmark is 31–32 mm in diameter.

1949 December 17:
   The circular postmark is 31–33 mm in diameter.

1956 October 15:
   The circular postmark is 32–35 mm in diameter. The outside vertical height of the four horizontal bars to the right of the circle is 19–20 mm.

   Kenduskeag post office is still in operation.